Segway With Handles

Technology has paved the way to making life easier and as convenient as it should be. The Segway is one of the most innovative creations today that presents simplicity, usefulness, and sheer enjoyment to anyone who dares to break-free! Sure enough, you deserve the best things in life and it’s one of the most beautiful you can have. That is, if you pick one of high-quality make that will last long and serve its purpose well. A personal transporter that’s designed to perfectly match your needs, wants, and keep up with your lifestyle.

Out of the different styles, specifications, sizes, speed, features, and overall build, the type of segway with handles stand out from the rest. Moreover, there are certainly the best brands and models that will give you an unbeatable experience like no other electric scooter can without paying the price of the original segway and having to buy it from a local retailer. Here’s the top 5 segway with handles review to help streamline your choices to the greatest finds that likewise give back your money’s worth, and way beyond with the freedom you are bound to uncover:

1. Airwheel S3 2-Wheel Electric Segway With Handle 520wh

Airwheel S3 Handle ScooterHave a blast of a time riding the Airwheel Scooter S3 for it can go a distance of 20-30km while you listen to your favorite music in Hi-Fi sound quality from the dual bluetoooth speakers. The sleek and elegant form of this electric two wheel bike in lustrous white lined with blue tones is hard not to fall for, and it gets lovelier with the top intelligent industrial design it was built with. The ultra big screen allows for smooth controls and are upgradeable, giving you customization opportunities as you wish.

No chore would seem like a chore as you take it shopping and go around town in style. Have a tour or take yourself out on a dinner, better yet, ride along with a friend or your partner with the same stylish transporter. Its eco-friendly qualities topped with the fact that you save money with a cost-efficient means to commute proves that going green can be so much fun! This unit is the most affordable too among the top choices you have. The best part? No traffic, no waiting, no frustration, day or night! When it gets dark, just turn on the LED atmosphere lights to keep you safe and make your scooter even more attractive. Rest assured with the signal light and brake lights ready to use whenever necessary, and wacth the fascinating breathing, flashing, and flowing effects to your delight.


IP56 waterproof rating doubles the excitement, for you can use it not only under the sun or night sky, but under the downpour of unexpected rain and muddy terrains! Afterwards, simply splash away the heaviest dirt to restore its pristine shine. The fully enclosed design protect circuit boards and give security against spills and leakage.

Go have the adventure you crave and experience seamless navigation with dynamic contour and optimal functions of your scooter. Take pride in a segway that won’t ever let you down right when you need a great ride. The overall structure is based on the Lamborghini’s design, the S5 version, coupled with SUV metal holders. Cruise around as long as you can while comfortably standing on the ergonomically designed unit. It can run endlessly for incredibly up to 100,000 hours!

There’s no worry of getting a counterfeit scooter or not actually getting it at all with Airwheel, since their products are exclusively sold by Sellink. You even get a kickstand, handlebar bag, and leg protector on top of your purchase, absolutely free! These accessories allow utmost care for your new prized possession and yourself, of course.

2. Airwheel S5 Self-Balance Electric Scooter 680wh

Airwheel S5 SegwayMeet your new companion, the latest 16 inch SUV electric scooter Airwheel S5 that’s quite promising with all desirable qualities one can ever ask for in a segway. From the foldable control shaft down to the elegant frame, to the Airwheel exclusive fender holder made of special aviation aluminum alloy, to its overall ergonomic design, all parts exhibit stellar qualities. Feel the dynamic contour achieved from the design of the Lamborghini matched with SUV metal holders, and confirms to the spacecraft attitude control structure, altogether made to respond to your every whim. This sleek transporter is lighter given the material it was exquisitely crafted from, yet more durable, maneuverable and more steady with the 16-inch hub.

pdated intelligent chips incorporated in the CPU yields an impressive electric 2-wheel self-balancing transporter. It can make 1024/s floating-pint calculations towards attaining a stronger driving force, giving you utterly enjoyable faster acceleration and a swift 0.03-sec reaction time! The unique aspect of dual-chip and dual battery protection boards pave the way for the S5 to function normally even if one of the chip gets damaged, which is less likely with a good product, but good to know for your peace of mind. Prepare to be amazed with what you can do, all the while listening to incredibly great music produced by the enlarged and sealed bass sound chamber! Even those who have not yet learnt to appreciate music will come to their senses with the unmatched experience of a melodious ride it brings.


The wide LED display shows useful information that are clearly and visibly seen. The 4-inch screen holds details such as your speed temperature, mileage, and battery level. In regards to the battery itself, the SONY and Panasonic Li-ion battery are definitely high-performance high-quality components that render a durable unit. The Panasonic battery that’s mounted on the S5 weighs about 5kg, has a 5-year lifespan, and can store up to 680wh electricity on full charge which takes about 8 hours and you can recharge it for 1800 times. It’s connected to the motor to achieve a powerful outcome and optimal functionality.

Safe riding is guaranteed while you cruise around on your scooter with four-fold protections that function to your utmost security. Multiple protections include speed limit, low battery, tilting, and battery protection, along with voice alert feature. Water resistant IP56 weatherproof standard and dustproof, the S5 makes for a worry-free segway which you can ride just about anywhere and anytime you’d like. It also has added shock-proof, waterproof, and anti-bumper features to avoid scratches and abrasions. Be wary of fake S5 products that come cheap and are evidently made of poor quality. See to it that your Airwheel S5 is tagged accordingly as shipped and sold only by Sellink.

3. EIOO(TM) Eswing 3rd Generation Outdoor Sports Kids and Adult Transporter

EIOO ESwing Upright Electric ScooterWhy walk when you can get right where you need to, near or far, quickly, safely, effortlessly and without any fuss, aboard a beautiful ride? No other battery powered two-wheeled personal transporter scooter can make you feel comfortable and stay fresh while driving outdoors apart from the Eswing. The overall appearance looks perfect for the nature lover and made to endure the toughest off-road ventures you plan to dauntlessly enter.

You are empowered over full control with the two-dimensional inertial navigation system incorporated in this electric standing up scooter. It utilizes gyroscope to intelligently control balance, moving with the gravity center of its rider and moving forward or backward accordingly as the gravity center it follows. Eswing can intelligently feel your posture. Hold still and it will keep still. Pull forward and Eswing will move forward as if it knew exactly what you were thinking. Move back, and, sure you guessed right- it also moves back. The turning radius is zero, meaning you won’t encounter any problem operating your segway in very narrow spaces. It can reach almost every corner and nook people can usually get into only by foot. The unit can support a max load of 125 kg and a max mileage of 30-35 km at full charge, and charging would typically take abut 8-10 hours.


The EIOO(TM) Eswing attains a top speed of 12.5mph, and comes with a speed limiter that beeps to let you know for the sake of ensuring utmost safety. With 4 floor detectors, safety and stability is enhanced and reduces the likelihood of falling. It has a kick stand just like a bike. The new light steering mechanism and updated CPU also promotes safety and ease of use. Its high quality wheel tires ideal for racing and off-road journeys coupled with powerful motors that can achieve up to 1600W make climbing a 30 degree slope fairly easy.

In turn, you ride on a unit that exhibits flexibility and a fast response time. The Li-ion battery adds to its durability and superior performance. What’s left of you is to let your mind and body enjoy nature, bask in the freedom and savor the moment while your scooter adapts to your every move. Young or old alike, kids and adults, whether as personal transportation, for exploration, public security, metro deployment, airport customs, it’s the ideal electric scooter for everyone.

4. Q4 Upright Electric Transporter Scooter

Q4 four wheel electric scooterThis “Segway” alternative is unique in itself. It has 4 wheels which would be the two large wheels located in front, and two mini wheels attached at the rear. A single charge of the Q4 Upright personal transporter lets you travel up to a lengthy 12 miles. Go out and explore as you want and whenever you feel like it, simply hop on your self-balancing electric scooter and off you go. Look the coolest and most awesome guy or gal around on your rugged black vehicle! The brilliance of black makes it more appealing. Take it for a stroll, head outdoors, show it off anywhere, go right where you have to go, and live life as you want!

The Q4 Electric Transporter is constructed with fine craftsmanship, skill, and innovative engineering. The added 2 wheels at the back provides greater support and durability, giving you a reliable unit that sees to your safety. Its robust overall build can impressively support up to 300 pounds of body weight!


You get a perfect vehicle for outdoor use with an electric transporter scooter that is powered by dynamic silicone batteries, which enhances the unit’s performance and elicits long-lasting use. This scooter proves to be the best alternative to unreasonably expensive gas powered scooters, while you remain comfortable simply standing on the roomy base. You help save the environment too by choosing to get a segway, while you get all the fun out of it!

5. Ninebot Personal Transporter Electric Two Wheel Scooter With Handles

Ninebot Personal TransporterNinebot is the most amazing transportation tool of today’s modern times. Acquire a personal transporter that bestows its rider sublime bliss upon driving it. Feel the prowess of an electric scooter with its sturdy construction and intelligent system. Control it with your body’s balance and let the unit which can sense your posture do the rest. Men and women just love this stylish segway!

This electric self-balancing vehicle has the typical two wheels, but is significantly lighter, easier to maneuver and carry around. The high-capacity battery can hold up to 450Wh with very little charging time of only about 3-4 hours, and can be utilized up to 1000 cycles. Riding the Ninebot allows you a max speed of 20km/h and traverse a max range of 20-30km. It has the ability to both corner and climb, wherein the climbing level is at 20 degrees.


You can connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth to function as a remote control or provide information and diagnosis of your ninebot. It’s surprisingly compact whereby the carry weight is merely 23.5Kg, such that almost anybody can easily manage it and quickly learn to ride! It can be installed with handless lever as you wish, since the operation bar can be removed without any trouble for a more portable unit. This segway can be equipped with a 670Wh battery for even better performance which the increases your Ninebot’s milage to an amazing 30-40Km!

The Ninebot-E Personal Transporter arrives in a sophisticated white color dabbed with blue accents on the frame, wheels and fenders. You can also opt for the elegant black color enhanced with vivid red accents that make it really attractive. You can actually change the colors on your own in the future. You also get a remote key possessing 4 functions for better segway management. It looks sleek and elegant featuring bone china and laden with a silver texture, and comes with its very own storage box!

This personal transporter may be the most expensive among the top choices you have, but very well worth the price with all that it is built upon and the great experience it gives. Take it anywhere as you please, and reach your destination quickly without going though the traffic jams. You’ll never know how much fun, delightful, and convenient it is until you actually get on one and try for yourself!