How To Ride An Electric Unicycle

Handless electric unicycle

When astronauts return to earth after their space missions, they often undergo rehabilitation processes to teach them on how to walk normally again. These processes are aimed at helping the human body to readjust gain to the gravity effects, regain the sense of balance and rebuild the lost muscle mass. When one uses an electric unicycle for the first time ever, they will get to experience what these astronauts feel when they get back to earth.

This unique one wheel scooter that is a motorized unicycle utilizes a sensor that detects height and an internal gyroscope to propel the person riding on it to their destination. When riding the unicycle scooter, you are supposed to stand on the two wings that are on each side of the central wheel. The rider then dictates the direction they want to ride it by leaning either forward, right or left and the scooter will move that way.

Getting Started

Riding the electric unicycle for the first time ever can be difficult but with constant practice in a day can ensure one becomes a good and confident rider. This one wheel scooter ought to be used while observing caution to ensure safety. The manufacturers of these unicycle scooter advice people to use two wheel stabilizers to maintain balance as well as an auxiliary safety strap that is orange in color. It is difficult to ride this motorized unicycle especially if it is your first time as it does not have any form of support.

Fold Out Foot Pedals

Foot pedals

Fold out the foot pedals on both sides

Step With One Foot

Step and balance

Step on one pedal and balance yourself

Lean And Ride

Lean forward

In one continuous motion, step on with the other foot and carefully lean forward. Slightly lean in the direction you want to go. Stand up straight to stop, and step off of the unicycle at slow speed!

It is important to understand that the unicycle scooter reacts in an instant to any changes in your body’s weight distribution. This is the main reason why it is important to use the stabilizer wheels as any flailing of the arms in an attempt to find balance will send the motorized unicycle to different directions which could increase your chances of going down.

It is normal though for you to experience these hitches when you get started on it for your first ride ever as you are not yet used to this experience. After getting used to riding this one wheel scooter, you will master it well and ride in an upright position while at the same time learning how to turn and increase the speed. This electric unicycle is great as it offers you with a fun way of commuting instead of walking and with speeds as fast as 12 mph, you will reach your destination fast. It is also nimble enough to allow you dodge your way in and out of the way of other pedestrians.


The electric unicycle has had quite a huge impact in several industries especially those that have warehouses as well as media studios. These industries are demanding on their workers as they have to cover several kilometers walking up and down the warehouse or studio and this is an ingenious way to beat fatigue amongst their staff. There is also a more stable version of the motorized unicycle that has been produced to enable people use it easily. It greatly reduces the energy that most workers in these two industries used to lose walking up and down and the saved energy is utilized in other activities that bore the company more rewards and profits.

This unicycle scooter is also a great solution for people who walk long distances either to work or to do deliveries. In the past such people could not visit as many places in a day as they can now due to fatigue as well as lapse in time. The scooter saves them lots of time due to its fast speeds that enable a person get to as many destinations as they possibly can without getting tired as compared to when they walk. This makes a company to be sufficient in its services delivery thereby attracting more profits and customers.


Sadly as there is nothing perfect in the world, this one wheel scooter also comes with some pitfalls. It is quite heavy as some of them weigh 13 kilogram’s and one has to carry or drag them in areas where they cannot be used. They are not legal to use on roads and their charge does not last for enough time making them unreliable if one is going for a long distance. They are also seen as unhealthy owing to the fact that they seem to encourage the unhealthy sedentary behavior in a world that has already been branded lazy. That notwithstanding the efficiency and amount of fun that these scooters bring along surely makes these pitfalls appears small.


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