Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle Review

One Unicycle has become extremely popular in the market. When it comes to the looks and appeal, it’s a stylish and modern-looking device. If you go through the customer reviews and testimonials about the product, you will realize that most customers have wholeheartedly praised the quality and performance of the product. The packaging of the product is also beautiful. According to customers, the product looks great.

Materials Quality and Design

Angled view of Ninebot One E+As soon as you’re done inspecting the device, you can tell that it has been tightly assembled and manufactured with high quality materials. The Ninebot Unicycle is slightly on the heavier side. Moreover, it also bigger than what it looks in the pictures. This provides you with a great riding experience. The Ninebot One E+ comes with a closed design near the wheel, pedals and at the bottom. The company has taken this approach for aesthetic reasons.

With this device’s stylish and appealing design, it’s easier to access the valve and adjust tire pressure. According to some reports, the close-bottom-style of this unicycle doesn’t experience any problems with gravel entering the device’s casing. Due to this, you don’t have to listen to any rattling noises or experience unsafe riding conditions. You can ride the device off-road and enjoy a great riding experience.

Just like other products, Ninebot One has also been designed to choose form over function. Most customers hope that the company would offer open-wheel design versions in future. The device has a stylish retractable design, which comes with some pros and cons. The angle at which the device operates makes it easier to carry something. The handle has a comfortable grip.

Power, Speed, Range, Handling

Powerful designIt’s worth mentioning that the Ninebot One is a micro unicycle that comes with a wide range of features. The 16 inches wheel reduces maneuverability and acceleration a bit, but not as much as other similar products in the market. The 320wh battery can easily take you about 15 miles without any problems. The 500 watt motor of the device isn’t the biggest, but still offers exceptional power to make sure you enjoy the ride.

According to most customers, the Ninebot One Unicycle accelerates quickly. However, sometimes it doesn’t respond quickly enough to give great speed. The wheel on the Ninebot is bigger. Though this slows down the speed a bit, it makes sure the ride isn’t bumpy. Due to this, you can take the scooter to even parking lots and crowded parks.

Most people believe that Ninebot Unicycle is one of the best electric scooters available in the market. When you consider the design and performance, this scooter offers a great riding experience. Even when you’re on a tight budget, this scooter offers everything you need in a one-wheeled electric scooter.

Low Battery Behavior

When you test the low-battery behavior of the Ninebot Unicycle for the first time, you will notice exceptional results. When the battery is low, you may feel like the scooter’s running slow. However, it would still help you reach the destination in time. At about 5 mph, it would beep and tilt back. It’s worth mentioning that the design includes a good BMS design. It doesn’t shut down unexpectedly if the conditions are incorrect.

Unlike earlier versions, this unicycle scooter has a great battery design. With upgraded technology, the company has used latest innovations in the field to provide customers with the best value for their money. Due to this, there are few reports of unexpected shutdowns.

There’s no doubt that the company will continue the research in the field to improve its quality of products, and offer exceptional unicycle scooters to customers. Within a short period of time, the company has been able to build a strong reputation in the market. It’s quality of products is unmatched.

Brand Recognition and Longevity

Jumping the unicycle

It’s worth mentioning that Ninebot owns Segway. The company has always been protective about its brand value. Ninebot is considered to be the big dog in the game. In the coming years, the company will only improve its brand value in the market. It’s the brand people have always liked. Due to this, many people have been purchasing Ninebot One. The company has never taken its brand value lightly.

When it comes to brand value, warranty is a major concern. Ninebot always aims to provide customers with exceptional customer service. It makes sure customers don’t experience any problems regarding repairs and maintenance. Most customers have enjoyed a satisfactory experience while dealing with the company. The Ninebot One Unicycle will prove to be a great purchase.

When it comes to durability, there’s no doubt that Ninebot’s products are unmatched. The Ninebot Unicycle has been manufactured from high quality materials. Therefore, the product lasts for a very long time. Once you start using this product, you will enjoy a great riding experience without experiencing any problems.


Riding down stairs

Even after going through numerous reviews and testimonials, people still wonder if they should purchase a unicycle from this brand. There’s no doubt that Ninebot One E+ is a high-end, high quality electric unicycle. It’s even safe with low battery behavior, and makes sure you enjoy an uninterrupted riding experience. It also features a verbal low battery and speed limit warning.

The design of the product is functional and aesthetic. The old unicycles from the company has a complicated design, which sometimes led to minor injuries. This device uses latest technology and understanding of the market to deliver the best features. The Ninebot One focuses on the perfect mix of trendy and modern style. This makes sure even amateur and beginner riders enjoy a good riding experience. It may be a bit pricier than the IPS unicycle (review here) or similar models, but it is the most robust and trusted unicycle available on the market.

Lights have been integrated in the product. At first, this may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it’s a very important safety feature. When the battery is getting exhausted, you need to have some indication for the same. Since the device has a range of over 20 miles, you need to know how long your ride would last.

Most importantly, the product is available with most online retailers at an affordable price. However, it’s better to choose a reputed retailer to purchase an authentic product at the best possible price.