IPS Unicycle Scooter Review & 41% OFF

In recent years, the one wheel electric scooter has become extremely popular. It is the latest wave of personal motorized transportation devices. According to experts, it is the future of environment-friendly motorized recreational transport and commuting. It’s worth mentioning that a hybridized version of a unicycle and traditional motorized scooter is an excellent choice.


The IPS Unicycle has been popular among customers. This self-balancing electric unicycle is portable, fast and lightweight. Most importantly, it looks stylish and sleek. The device is battery-operated and designed to reach high speeds comparable to a bicycle or sprint. However, manpower is not required to enjoy a ride on this scooter. The device has been designed to take you to a specified destination with excellent style.

Product Review

IPS 1000w scooterIt’s worth mentioning that the IPS unicycle scooter is self-balanced. This is extremely important for amateur and beginner riders. You should not expect to ride this scooter within minutes of unboxing. It’s important to take things slowly, and learn more about the device. Some level of practice is required to get comfortable while riding this scooter. But once you have learnt the skills, it’s easier to ride this unicycle scooter than a two-wheeled scooter.

Steering the scooter is completely hands-free. In addition to this, balance activated-leaning forward leads to acceleration. Other features include standing straight to bring the scooter to a halt, backward leaning to reverse or slow down, and leaning left or right to swivel or turn. The scooter has an exceptional turning radius.

Amateur and beginner riders can learn how to ride this electric unicycle with just a few hours of practice. However, you may experience some bruises and bumps along the way. The most important tip is to keep the eyes focused and stop looking at your destination. You should let instincts guide your body to control the movement of the electric unicycle.

With an ability to maneuver and tight turning radius over potholes and bumps with ease, you are able to glide without experiencing any problems. You can even ride this scooter in parking lots, busy parks, crowded sidewalks and more. This makes sure you neither have to hunt for parking spots nor sweat on your bike with too many halts. This exceptional futuristic device takes you wherever you need to go. Since it i portable, it is also easier to carry from one place to another.

Despite being a new product in the market, the IPS unicycle has become extremely popular among online retailers, such as Amazon. The product is offered at a reasonable price. According to most reviews, this is an exceptional product that is the perfect choice for amateur riders. This unicycle scooter comes with a wide range of features to provide you with versatile uses.

The IPS unicycle scooter has increased motor capabilities. This means, the scooter can last longer, and take you further than two-wheeled counterparts. Regardless of the lifestyle you follow, this exceptional self-balancing electric unicycle is functional and practical. The style factor is an additional bonus to go the distance. When you purchase this electric scooter, you not only enjoy good riders, but also reduce your carbon footprint on the atmosphere.

IP Unicycle Key Features

white with red color schemeIt’s worth mentioning that the IPS unicycle scooter is available in two stylish color schemes, i.e, black with red and white with red. As mentioned earlier, this is a self-balancing electric unicycle scooter. It looks durable and rugged. Every individual unit in the scooter is tested for durability before undergoing manufacturing process. The product is backed by quality guarantee. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about performance and durability.

While most of these one-wheel electric scooters are fully compatible with rougher and rugged road surfaces, this exceptional device drives without any problems on grass, rocky surfaces, packed sand and more. Thus, it provides you with an excellent off-road riding experience. If you have always been enthusiastic about riding scooters, this one will be a good choice.

It’s important to understand that the device has an increased surface incline limit of about 30 degree. When you compare this to most scooters available in the market, you realize that the scooter’s limit is on the high end. It’s even significantly higher than most two-wheeled scooters available in the market. The maximum speed capability of the scooter is 12 miles per hour. However, it depends on the road conditions and the rider’s weight.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum recommended rider weight is around 265 pounds. This is quite an impressive rider weight limit. In fact, riders can also carry heavy equipment and backpack while riding the scooter. The manufacturer claims that the scooter can run for more than 24 miles in a single battery charge.

The battery can be fully charged within just three hours. Though this is quite lengthy in comparison to most one-wheeled electric scooters in the market, it increases the endurance factor. Therefore, this benefit outweighs the minor con. In simple terms, the IPS FBA 16 inches self-balancing electric unicycle scooter is a rugged, tough and high quality one-wheeled electric scooter. It’s perfect for every rider who wants to travel long distances, traverse through tough tracks or carry heavier loads.

In the last few months, this electric scooter has become extremely popular. This high quality electric scooter is a moderately priced, self-balancing device that proves to be perfect for night-time riders, students on the go and every rider looking for good balance of style, price and high-tech features.


Most reviews on the Internet praise and appreciate the features, performance and price point of this electric scooter. There’s no doubt that IPS unicycle is one of the best one-wheeled electric scooters available in the market. When you ride this scooter, you enjoy a great riding experience, while flaunting your style to people on the road.

Since this scooter is available in two color schemes, you can choose one suitable to your taste and preference. While riding this scooter, you won’t experience any problems. It’s recommended to purchase the product from a reputed retailer, such as Amazon. When you buy the product from a reputed retailer, you can be sure about the quality of the product.