How Two Wheel Hoverboards Work

With the advancement of battery power and electric motors in 2015, some pretty neat gadgets and toys have become available to consumers. The growing trend of these two-wheel hoverboards is partly due to the advent of the segway and the relentless desire children have tricky yet new and cool toys. The increasing popularity can also be attributed to urban trendsetters looking for an easy way to get around.

If you live in the city, chances are you see traditional segways quite frequently. They’re a popular choice for police officers, tour guides, and tourists. These are the bigger, original versions with large wheels and a handlebar for easy balance and control.

The similarity between the original segway and the new no-handle segways is that a tilt sensor measures your shift in balance and accommodates for it by increasing the speed of of the motor. However, the similarities pretty much end there. The original segway has handlebars where the right one is turned forward or backward to move right or left. Apart from the new two-wheel hoverboards not having handles, they also have one motor per wheel. You point your left foot down to move right and your right foot down to move left. Lean back and you go backward. Lean forward and you go forward.




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