HKCube Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Review

HKCube black side shot

Self balancing drift boards have quite literally taken the world by storm. It is hardly surprising to see a large number of acclaimed celebrities as well as ordinary individuals eagerly embracing these ingenious means of transportation. This is not just due to their unmatched trendiness, but also for their remarkably practical functionality. When it comes to the benefits that these products are able to offer, well the list is simply endless. Below is an insight in this regard.


To begin with, a two wheel self balancing scooter is widely acclaimed for its exceptional convenience of usage and cost effectiveness. For the first, these products can come in very handy for individuals that reside in urban centers. Most of which are characterized by never ending bumper to bumper traffic jams that can drive even the most patient person insane. With a suitable drift board you can be able to effortlessly navigate to and fro all areas in your neighborhood you may wish to go in a very time efficient manner. As for cost effectiveness, these machines are noted for been powered by electric batteries. This definitely means you will not be obliged to spend any money whatsoever in purchasing gasoline or even the necessary oil to keep the engine in optimal condition.

A two wheel self balancing scooter is also easy to use and ultimately master. All you simply need to do to put it through its paces is just lean forward when you desire to increase its speed and lean backward if you wish to decrease the same. As for executing turns, all you need to do is turn their handlebar forward or backwards for either a right or left turn respectively.

Additionally, these products can be the perfect means of transportation, like earlier stated for urbane individuals. True, you can hardly depend on these products to commute to and fro work each day. Yet you can comfortably make use of them to carry out small errands such as going to purchase groceries and other household necessities. Most top quality two wheel self balancing scooters can cover a maximum distance of twenty kilometers, and can also accommodate an extra load. Finally, drift boards are also noted for been environmentally friendly. This means that they do not in way release toxic fumes while in operation, and can consequently assist you in your own little way to conserve the environment.

Features of the HKCube

features and how to ride it

The HKCube two wheel self balancing scooter is certainly one of the very best instances of these products that are currently available in the market. Like most high quality brands of this kind, this drift board is extremely easy to master, and can be in a position of adding an agreeable element fun and sophistication. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most notably specifications of this machine.

More features

Maximum distance

First and foremost this two wheel self balancing scooter can be able to travel a distance of fifteen to twenty kilometers in an extremely hassle-free manner. The exact distance you will be able to traverse is greatly dependent on your distinct weight along with the road conditions of the areas you wish to go.

Maximum speed

At the same time, this HKCube scooter can enable you to achieve top speeds of up to twenty kilometers per hour. With an average of fifteen kilometers per hour when you are mounted on it and twenty kilometers per hour when it is empty. This is definitely some of the fastest speeds you can ever access on a drift board , many of which can only, at best, clock a maximum of ten kilometers per hour.

Maximum tilt

This two wheel self balancing scooter integrates a maximum tilt of from fifteen to thirty inches. All of which like the other specifications already reviewed is totally dependent on your exact weight.


This product is powered by a powerful 36 Volts 4, 4Ah (158 WA) lithium ion battery. This battery can provide a maximum electric power of 500 Watts (when contained) and 1,000 Watts (when not contained).

Maximum load capacity

On the other hand, the maximum load capacity for this drift board lies at around 120 kilograms. This, like was pointed out earlier, means that an individual with a medium weight can support himself or herself and still be able to tag along a considerable number of items at the same time.

Speed protection

One of the most critical features of this one of a kind two wheel self balancing scooter is the fact that it automatically incorporates an invaluable speed protection function. This is applicable for speed of ten kilometers per hour (no contain) and fifteen kilometers per hour (contained).

Battery protection

This drift board is also effectively a cut above the rest as it comes with a handy low battery protection functionality, which most other brands simply do not have. This invaluable feature is automatically activated when the battery charge is lower than ten percent. In such given scenarios, the speed of this product will gradually decrease and eventually shut down.

LED power switch, battery strength indicator and balance indicator

Finally, this HKCube this two wheel self balancing scooter comes with an LED operation panel that features an on/off switch. Along with a balance indicator and battery strength indicator. The power switch keeps on twinkling when this product is under the speed protection mode. When the battery charge is low, this drift board emits an audible caution that warns you of this fact.


As you can see for yourself the HKCube two wheel self balancing scooter can be exactly what you need to underscore your sophistication. At the same time, with its wide variety of unique features and specifications, it can be the right transportation means for accomplishing day to day household errands. Mind you in a markedly rapid and efficient manner. Not to mention that this drift board apart from the prerequisite battery charging, required virtually no other maintenance. Together with the fact that there is absolutely no need for gasoline. You could therefore do no worse than give amazing product a try today! This is an insight.

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