Hoverboard Reviews: Best Smart Balance Scooters



  • The fastest, lightest model available. But it still features zero degree turning and can climb up to a 15 degree incline.

  • Make your commute an adventure at 10 mph, 20 miles per charge!

  • Easy to learn to ride - simply lean your body and the Swagway does the rest. You'll get the hang of it in just a couple of minutes.

  • U.S. brand. FCC, RoHS, CE, WERCs, Prop65, UN38.3 Certified.

  • One year warranty when you register your Swagway online.




  • Brand New and High Quality, Randomly select one of the two patterns

  • This Mini Smart self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter is more convenient and safer

  • It's easy to learn how to ride. Its robust construction and anti slip foot grip make it excellent for children and adults.

  • Perfect for everyday use. Safe high speed of 12 Km/h, 15 degree climbing angle, 0 degree turning radius.

  • Portable self-balance scooter

  • Very fast shipping and extremely good customer service




  • The mini Smart self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter more convenient safer and easier to learn

  • Max Agility: 10km/hr; 15 degree incline; angel-free circling

  • Max Load: 220 lb; 15km in range

  • Fast Charging in 30 - 60 min; less than 1 hour

  • No-Hassle Warranty for registered buyers with valid product identification




  • Alloy metal

  • Imported

  • Safe. Double balancing systems keep you in balance.

  • Easy to learn. Its robust body and anti-slip foot grip make it excellent for children and adults

  • Long endurance. 15-20km Range per Charge.

  • Adopt Samsung high-capacity lithium battery.

  • High-power motors 375*2 watt Tire size:6.5 Inch




  • The Smart self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter more convenient safer and easier to learn

  • 100 percent new and high quality

  • Only 27Lbs, the weight is the lightest, smallest;15 degrees climbing, 0 degrees of corner

  • LG Battery: 36V 4 4Ah Lithium Battery driving range:10 MLS. Dimension:584 186 178 mm

  • Max speed: 10Mph; Charger voltage: 100-240v




  • Reinforced Forged Steel Wheels With Dispensing Slip Pedal

  • State Of The Art Self Balancing Technology

  • TS Turn Boost Technology Enables 360 Degree Turn Rotation

  • Top Speed of 12MPH / 15 Mile Cruse Radius Built In LED Headlights

  • Rechargeable Samsung Lithium Ion 4400 mAh Battery 2 Hour Charge Time




  • Powerboard is based in the USA. Which means we'll handle orders right away and get it shipped to you fast. Spend less time waiting and more time riding! Call our help line anytime for help in English from someone in the USA.

  • Smooth & Simple Acceleration, Drift Corners with Ease! Just lean forward or back to go forward or reverse. Lean side to side to master cornering at high speeds! Max Weight is 220 lbs

  • Ride miles on one charge! Battery reaches full charge in less than an hour. On-board Battery Level indicator keeps you informed of your current charge.

  • In less than 5 minutes you'll be up and riding around - Most people master it in as little as 30 seconds! Once you ride it you'll never want to get off! Comes in White, Red, Blue, or Black. 100% New & Great Quality!

  • If at any point you're having issues with your Powerboard contact our customer service department. Also included on all purchases is a full 1 year warranty!




  • Fedex shipping,will arrive your side within 10days

  • easy to handle

  • Self balancing control

  • max speed in 15km~20km

  • electric scooter self balance




  • 1.The two-wheel self balancing design is much safer and easier to learn. Both adults and kids are able to learn to ride it in a very short time. There are two built-in control panels make it can be control by both feet.

  • 2.With built-in 44400 mA LG Li-ion battery, it can ride about 15km and its top speed is up to 15km/h. When the electricity is under 10%, it will remind you to charge for it.

  • 3.Silky slip curve design can make your foot comfortable. Besides its fashionable appearance, it is easy and relaxed to keep your body balance.

  • 4.At night, you can also fly down on the road with its two floodlights. The cool and unique jacklight is an outstanding design for you to attract the attention of others.

  • 5.You can ride at any place you want as its 0 noise design. No noise driving shows your consideration for the people surround you.



Hover Boost

  • High efficiency, low consumption, safe and convenient $ Auto electricity off when lose control

  • No pollution and zero consumption & Battery status display

  • Low Battery Protection when battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stopped working

  • Samsung high-capacity lithium battery.High-power motors 500 watt

  • Package include:Smart Scooter +BAG+Headphones


Hoverboards are a big hit today not only with kids who are up-to-date with the latest trends and wish to own the coolest items. This item appeals to adults too, for the various features and benefits one can get out of it. There are a myriad of choices in the market today, and finding the right one for you is a challenge in itself aside from thinking of how to possibly ride it.

Learning to use this type of scooter is not something to worry about if you manage to get one of the top 10 two wheel hoverboards that will make it easy and fun! Making a wise pick entails not just finding the most expensive out there or getting one from the cheapest retailer, but a self-balancing scooter that meets your needs. That’s where our exclusive hoverboard reviews come in. The best among the rest is likewise a reliable, durable, high quality, easy-to-use hoverboard, and most importantly, proven to be of great value by many satisfied customers. All said and done, it’s bound to be a favorite toy that’s more than what it is for being quite useful in daily life.

Find your perfect match now:

Detailed Hoverboard Reviews

1. Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board

Swagway makes a big impact in the evolution of transportation and makes our number two spot in our hoverboard reviews, giving its user not only a glimpse of the future but firsthand experience with it right on top of a two wheel hoverboard! This hands-free Smart Board works like magic, balancing for you and making life easy as it should be. All you need to do is hop on, relax, and cruise around in sheer enjoyment. Fun, practical, beautiful – it’s a dream come true for the young and young at heart.

Get the fastest and lightweight model you can get today trusted by many given it’s a U.S. Brand that’s certified. The dual action motors are designed to respond to your body’s movement and you will be delighted upon realizing how you can move like never before. If you shift your weight forward, it responds by accelerating forward. You basically just have to shift left or right to effortlessly turn, or shift back if you wish to go on reverse. Commute at a pace of 10MPH for 20 miles per charge! It features 0 degree turning and can likewise climb up to a 15 degree incline. Check out a more thorough Swagway X1 hoverboard review here.

2. CoolReall Self Balancing Scooter (top scorer in all online hoverboard reviews)

The CoolReall electric hoverboard is the perfect personal transporter for daily use. Boasting of a 100% new and high-quality This mini smart self-balancing two-wheel scooter is definitely safer on the road and more convenient to learn and ride. The robust body, cool appearance, and excellent safety with the anti-slip foot grip make it the best board for children and adults.

The portable hoverboard elicits the safest speed attainable at 12 Km/h at the highest. It can perform up to a 15 degree climb and 0 degrees of corner. It displays outstanding power amidst a noise-free operation and energy-efficient hoverboard. The advanced motor radiates power coming from the inner core, with a maximum output of 500W. The scooter utilizes a high-rated power certified battery with each cell incorporated with dual protection, complemented with the stability and flexibility of 3 gyroscopes and 3 gravity accelerators. Though the system is not visible, it functions to your safety and convenience as the Smart Walker System makes turning left/right and moving forward/backward significantly easier. It’s available in shining black, blue, red and white colors, so grab whichever you adore! Read a more in-depth CoolReall hoverboard review here.

3. Leray Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter

A globally renowned brand and taking our number three spot in our hoverboard reviews, Leray is manufacturer or recreational products including the self-balancing electric scooter that’s both fun and highly useful. Their name stands to the quality of the 2 wheel hoverboard. It exhibits superior performance and optimal stability. You can easily mount it on and off like you would do on a skateboard, suitable for teens as young as 14 years old. Players under 14 or over 45 can have all the fun too with a learning partner. Ride in style with the fashionable appearance of your prized elegant toy!

Wide wheels and rubberized tires function to boost traction and support a max load of 220 pounds or 90kg. Dual wheel and two way direct drive, along with 3 gyro sensors plus 3 accelerometers and regenerative braking efficiency at 70% makes for a great hoverboard to own. Dynamic equilibrium and simple operation empowers you with smooth control, going forward, backward, steer and stop as necessary. Rates incline is at 5 degrees. Gain cruise speed and max agility of up to an incredible 10 kph that can last for 15 km in range! This, you can achieve even in just 30-60 minutes of charging the unit. Less than an hour wait yet you get so much more time enjoying your new adventure companion anywhere you please.

4. ForTech Two Wheels Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter

A scooter that’s become very popular due to its double balancing system, presenting ease of use and makes it the ideal unit for beginners. Smart as it is, Fortech delivers you with a two-wheeled self-balancing board built with an innovative robust body that arrives in a stylish form and different colors. This 2-wheel board is intuitive and easy to ride for both young ones and adults alike. The unit makes for a great first hoverboard that creates an awesome first ever experience of riding one!

The weight makes the board relatively easy to carry around, but is strong enough to carry a weight of 100kg. The tires measure 6.5 inches each and the surface of the body has an anti-slip foot grip, providing stability and safety as it eliminates the risk of tipping over or slipping. You can safely hover all you want for a long range of 15 up to 20 kilometers in just a single charge. Charging time typically takes about 2 hours. Gain a maximum speed of 12 km/hr and a climbing angle of 15 degrees with its high capacity lithium batteries and powerful 375×2 watt motor. Learn more about the ForTech hoverboard here.

5. WallyGadgets Two Wheels Self Balancing Scooter

If you’re considering a good hoverboard to use for yourself or give as a gift, it definitely is a spectacular choice. Moreover, if you get one that gives great value for your money such as the WallyGadgets Two Wheels Scooter. This self-balancing board with a metal alloy body comes in different designs and vivid colors, presenting various options suitable for children and adults. Though it does not come with a bluetooth speaker, it holds many other capabilities to your benefit. The unit runs at max speed of 15-20km/hr and can do a max tilt of 15-30 degrees depending on the rider’s weight.

The unit is able to carry a max load of 110kg on top of the secure-grip board and pressure sensitive motors that yield dependable stability. High-quality and long-lasting original Samsung battery adds to the safety during use which can work for 2-4 hours even from just one solid charge. The board is built with Smart Protection, wherein the smart indicators automatically show tips on possible overspeeding, battery overheat, low voltage and low battery, and improper operation. Altogether, these features give assurance to its user and much-needed peace of mind to parents if it’s for a child.

6. GalaxyBoard Self Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter

GalaxyBoard takes your experience of riding two wheel hoverboards to great heights, whether it’s your first time or you’re already a pro in such a short time after its boom. The brand delivers you with excellence in all aspects. State-of-the-art Self Balancing Technology makes the distinction, for a great ride unparalleled by any other two-wheeled vehicle. Anyone will fall for this astounding beauty matched with top performance of an electric scooter.

TS Turn Boost Technology allows you to perform a 360 degree turn rotation, so do stunts and tricks as you want! No worries because your feet remain intact given the reliable good grip of the board’s surface. Safety s backed up by the reinforced forged steel wheels that come with a dispensing slip pedal. The rechargeable Samsung lithium ion 4400 mAh Battery takes 2 hours to get a full charge, and you’ll be floating your way through the streets and wherever you wish to explore. Reach the top speed of 12mph as you hover up to a 15-mile cruise radius. The built-in LED headlights promote safety, especially at nighttime fun hovering, and sure does make your board look really attractive!

7. Powerboard 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter with LED Lights

Based in the USA, Powerboard is remarkably a genuine, trusted brand which displays a top-quality hoverboard that’s a must-have for every individual who wishes for a good scooter. It presents smooth and simple operation and acceleration, easy drifting on corners, fun and practical accessory with an amazing battery life, and exceptional customer support! In a mere 5 minutes, you will find yourself riding around like a pro since most people who’ve bought this have mastered hovering in as little as 30 seconds, tops!

This two wheel hoverboard has a top speed of 8 mph. It’s quite easy to learn how to ride it, just lean forward and back to advance forward or reverse. Lean from side to side to master turning from left to right. Charging takes less than an hour, and guess how much time you have to enjoy your board? A beaming 6 hours at full charge for endless cruising and fun! The max weight it can hold is 220lbs. It comes with a one year warranty and if you need help or encounter issues with it, there’s no room for any frustration with an easy to reach friendly customer service.

7. HKcube Two Wheels Self Balancing Mini Smart Electric Scooter

This unicycle electric scooter from HKcube is easy to handle, right from receiving the unit to its portability, and ultimately using and enjoying your new two wheel hoverboard. It’s fairly easy to figure out how to use it. The learning curve can be overcome quickly, any may seem almost not there at all to those who can effortlessly balance themselves! Moreover, it gives an unbeatable sense of security to anyone who wishes to ride with its sturdy and stable base. Bask in the freedom floating just about anywhere atop your brilliant toy! Take your pick from different light or dark lustrous colors and quirky cool patterns.

Go forth a distance of up 15-20km and tilt up to a maximum of 30 degrees under an impressive maximum speed of 15-20 km/hr. Experience seamless hovering with the power of 500W to 1000W and engine holding 350W. Charging takes only around 60-120 mins, whereas 80% level is reached in just 30 mins. Your utmost safety is ensured by the speed protection of 10km-15km/hr, as well as the voice alert beep and low battery protection, indicated by the power switch LED that keeps twinkling when it gets down to 10% where your pace slows down until the board eventually stops. Check out more information about the HKCube hoverboard scooter here.

9. SROCKER Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Two wheel hoverboards are sought after for many reasons- useful, attractive, fun, safe, easy to learn, which is perfect for adults and kids alike. It’s exactly what you get with the SROCKER Smart Self Balancing Scooter. Two built-in control panels allow controlling by feet, which makes it quick and easy to learn to ride. In no time, you’ll be cruising and floating to freedom!

The board is laden with a silky slip curve design which paves the way for your feet’s utmost comfort. It also lets you relax and promotes the right balance of your body so you can glide in style, worry-free. Top speed is at 15km/h which can take you up to a distance of 15 km with the built-in LG Li-ion durable and high performance battery. Travel quietly with this noiseless unit, and hover smoothly to your delight! When the charge drops to 10%, you are reminded for your safety, while floodlights let you fly down the road at night with less risk. The jacklight’s awesome design is attractive, enough to catch attention of your cool ride and keep you safe. Need more info on the SROCKER? Check out hoverboard reviews here.

10. Hover Boost Drifting Board with LED Light + Bluetooth Hands Free Headsset X5

The Hover Boost HoverBoard is infused with the qualities of a highly efficient, low consumption, super convenient and safe electric scooter. It works through the Samsung high-capacity battery and powerful 500 W motor. No doubt, it can take you wherever you need to go or to any place your adventurous nature takes you!

No pollution makes it environment friendly while LED lights make it both attractive and safe. Losing control can happen, and the electricity automatically turns off for your protection. The battery status display adds to your security, where the low battery protection functions to slow the board down until it finally stops working once the battery level drops to 10%.Your new hoverboard comes with a bag to observe proper care for your scooter and keep its beautiful form intact for a long time, even with long-term rugged use. Carry around your lightweight board with ease, yet it can hold up to a 120 kg load. It arrives in exquisite colors to choose from, including blue, red, white, golden and black. The headphones make your ride and the entire experience richer and unsurpassed!

We hope these hoverboard reviews have helped you to make a wiser buying decision as you can see most of these gadgets are very similar. It all comes down to the battery, quality control, and the warranty and customer service.


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